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General Overview

Applied Specialties, Inc. has two (2) current US Patents on the use of a specific polymer and the method by which this product is used and added in the making of lime slurries.  We also have an expanded patent pending for the use of this technology in lime slurry production as well as a PCT filed for International coverage of this intellectual property. The use of this process proves the user several significant advantages.


  • It grossly decreases or eliminates fouling of slakers, storage tanks and slurry transfer lines
  • It reduces the amount of lime used or required
  • It improves the performance of lime in several applications
  • It reduces the volume of fly ash produced in SDA’s with fewer tons of unused lime and fly ash are hauled to landfills
  • It decreases lime softener underflow solids in Hot or Cold lime softener operations
  • Improves treated water quality

Currently the product is available in 3 concentrations; 50%, 40% and 25% active solids. These are available under the following trade names:


  • LimeCure™ 50
  • LimeCure™ 40
  • LimeCure™ 25


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