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April 26, 2010

Applied Specialties Introduces a Traced Dispersant System

ASI has produced a line of traced water treatment products along with a feed and control package for their application. The controller is simple to install and has all of the necessary software functionality to permit easy communication with existing DCS systems or as a simple standalone appliance. The controllers are easily configurable for site specific requirements. These controllers are also non-proprietary meaning that you may change the dye response to your requirements

Our dispersant products may be used individually or in custom blends. Our dispersant packages can also be controlled by other trace controllers already in the market. This feature permits clients that have invested in other competitive control equipment to retain and use the integration of that existing equipment when switching to an ASI traced treatment package. This also eliminates concern over any loss of control or losing your investment in current operator training with a switch to ASI as your new water treatment vendor.

For independent water treatment companies and utilities that use custom or generic formulations, this means you now have a way to utilize a fully functional traced technology without a proprietary hook.


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