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May 18, 2010

Applied Specialties' U.S. Patent # 7,718,085

The United States Patent Office has granted Applied Specialties, Inc USP # 7,718, 085 for its high solids lime slurry process. The Patent will official post on May 18, 2010. This patent covers a process by which high solids lime slurry is produced that is both stable and extremely fluid. Using this process lime slurries of 40% solids concentration may be produced that also have viscosities of less than 800 cps.

Unlike other lime slurry processes that require hydrate lime to be used or contain caustic soda, the ASI process uses pebble lime (quicklime). This creates several processing and cost advantages for the user. The lime slurry produced by the ASI process contains an extremely high concentration of very small lime particles. This produces a very large surface area and high reaction rates compared to other slurries or conventionally produced slaked lime. This benefit creates a decrease in product use with decreased sludge volumes. Because the ASI process uses pebble lime and since every ton of pebble lime creates 1.321 tons of hydrated lime, the process has a lower net cost to the user. This process may also be used in simple on-site slurry manufacture to reduce transportation and handling costs.

The single largest benefit is the products stability. After 2 years of storage, the ASI lime slurry will still remain fluid and easily pumpable. It is nevertheless recommended that storage vessels use mild agitation.

Please call us for details or send an email to determine how this product can lower your bottom line or improve your process.


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