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October 17, 2011

ASI Starts 2nd Trial Using Its Patented
Lime Slurry Polymer

ASI will start its 2nd trial of its patented lime slurry process. The process generates sub-micron calcium hydroxide particles when calcium oxide is slaked to make lime slurries. Because the particles do not re-agglomerate, the surface area of the generated slurry remains exceedingly high and very reactive. In addition, the viscosity is greatly reduced and scaling of the equipment and piping is nearly eliminated.

In the trials and applications of this process, lime use has been typically reduced in the range of 35% making the cost benefits of the process is enormous especially for larger users of lime. One added benefit is that by decreasing the lime use, sludge production is also reduced.

For smaller users of lime the process makes it economically feasible to convert to purchased slurry since the product will remain very fluid and easily pumpable even at 40% solids. This represents the opportunity to reduce many maintenance issues while improving an operating system’s efficiency.

Please call for a slurry sample. Let it sit and then test it in your application. Let the results speak for the product.


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