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February 10, 2012

Four Midwest Water Treatment Plants
Improve Lime Use

Another 4 municipal drinking water plants that use lime softening have started using AS-8750. AS-8750 is a patented product that generates a more reactive lime slurry. In addition to being more reactive, the slurry formed is more fluid and can be made to a higher solids concentration. The AS-8750 also controls scaling and deposition keeping slakers and slurry feed equipment clean. This reduction in maintenance demands is sufficient reason to use AS-8750 however that is not its greatest benefit. In every application of AS-8750 to date, lime use is reduced between 31 to 40% and with it sludge production.

If you want to reduce your lime operating costs while lowering maintenance time and costs, call ASI to schedule a trial of AS-8750.


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