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February 17, 2012

AS-5244 is ASI’s Mercury Abatement Product

for Utility FGD’s

AS-5244 is a metals complexing agent that creates an insoluble salt with Mercury so that it is removed with other insoluble materials in an FGD system and removed from utility wet scrubbers. The complex formed will not leach to release Mercury. AS-5244 effectively reduces Hg levels in wet scrubber liquids so that environmental compliance is met. Because the complex is extremely stable it also prevents re-emission of Mercury back into the gas phase.

The results have proven so successful that another coal plant within the utility’s power fleet will be starting a trial in April 2012.

For more detailed information on how AS-5244 might help your coal fired facility control its Mercury emissions, contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at 440-933-9442 or email with “AS-5244 Information” in the subject line.


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