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December 12, 2012

AS-8725 to Demonstrate Benefits
to the Petrochemical Industry

Applied Specialties was recently awarded a trial at a large petrochemical facility for our AS-8725, lime slurry additive. The plant has been experiencing plugging of lime slurry lines from the storage tank to the clarifier.  The piping at the plant requires monthly cleanings and has resulted in inconsistent lime feed. The inconsistent feed results in less than optimal clarifier performance.

During the plant’s due diligence process, several questions concerning AS-8725 carry-over into the produced water were raised.  The plant, having high pressure boilers with all volatile treatment, wanted to be assured that if AS-8725 was to make it through the system that no negative effect could result in the steam cycle as a result of the AS-8725 use. After reviewing all data from past experience and putting in place a test procedure for the trial, all concerns were removed. The trial will be moving forward since the use of AS-8725 presents huge cost and maintenance benefits to the plant.


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