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December 17, 2012

AS-8725 to Demonstrate Benefits
to the Sugar Industry

Applied Specialties has recently been working with the sugar industry to help improve mill operations.  AS-8725 was introduced to several mills and the potential could be very beneficial to the mills with decreased maintenance cost and reduced lime feed.  As with all industries that utilize lime slurry, line plugging is always an issue.  Applied Specialties has demonstrated in numerous industries that AS-8750/AS-8725 will reduce and, in many cases, completely eliminate lime slurry plugging.  The Department of Agriculture in New Orleans, LA conducted testing on our product and the results indicated that possible reduction in lime usage could be up to 40%. 

Based on this testing one of the sugar mills in Louisiana will be running a full plant test to determine actual plant benefits to be obtained from the AS-8725. These results will be available by the middle of January 2013. They will be posted on this website.


If you wish to receive the results by email please send a request to You will then receive the data as it is available.


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