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January 9, 2013

AS-5420 Improves Safety and Reduces Costs

For several years a WV WWTP used potassium permanganate in their belt press sludge dewatering application for the reduction of hydrogen sulfide odors.

The potassium permanganate was fed utilizing a dry feeder that consisted of drums of dry product being inverted and placed in to the feeder. When a new drum was installed, a fine purple dust went into the atmosphere and coated the equipment, floors and was an inhalation danger to the operator. The operator would also need to hose the floor down to control the purple dust. Another issue was the dry material would clog the eductor which meant the correct amount of product was not being fed resulting in increased odors.

A full-scale plant trial with Applied Specialties’ AS-5420, liquid sodium permanganate, was a proposed solution. Since AS-5420 is a liquid product all that is needed is a chemical metering pump. Also, the liquid AS-5420 assures a consistent feed rate. Lastly, the AS-5420 does not generate any sludge from inert material since AS-5420 is a clear solids free product.

The AS-5420 was placed on line and fed into the same feed point as the potassium permanganate and controlled using an H2S analyzer. The belt filter press was placed on line and immediately a reduction in the odor occurred. Additionally, the performance of the dewatering polymer improved resulting in a slight decrease in the polymer dosage.

At the end of a one-week trial, data indicated that the trial was a success and by the end of the year, overall cost for odor control was reduced by $70,000.00. The AS-5420 use also improved housekeeping and greatly improved operator safety. The plant continues to feed AS-5420

For more detailed information on how AS-5420 might help your plant, contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at 440-933-9442 or email with “AS-5420 Information” in the subject line.


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