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January 17, 2013

AS-8725 Reduces Lime Use and Improves Plant Performance

During November 2012, a plant trial was initiated at a Missouri Potable Water Treatment plant with the objective of reducing lime demand and system scaling. Applied Specialties’ AS-8725 was metered into the plant’s slaker using a diaphragm pump. As operators adjusted the lime feed rate in order to maintain finished hardness and pH targets, a lime reduction of 25% was documented. At the same time, the slaker reaction temperature increased by 20 degrees F. Follow-up inspections demonstrated that scaling was significantly diminished. Additionally, the reduction in lime use permitted the plant to reduce the slaker water demand resulting in a net 5% increase in produced water yield.

The plant is now using AS-8725 on a continuous basis and plans on sharing the news of their success with additional Water Treatment Plants.

For more detailed information on how AS-8725 might help your plant, contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at 440-933-9442 or email with “AS-8725 Information” in the subject line.


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