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October 8, 2013

ASI Advanced Lime Slurry AS-9637

Applied Specialties started its long awaited Advanced Lime Slurry production in Reserve, Louisiana this October 2013. The process uses ASI’s patented process where a more reactive, lower viscosity highly stable calcium hydroxide slurry is produced.  Unlike many lime slurries marketed, our product AS-9637 provides higher reactivity, is easier to handle and will not scale your slurry feed system.

ASI Slurry Tanker


We are currently awaiting NSF certification on our AS-9637 which will permit the product’s use in drinking water applications. Our current capacity is 150,000 tons of slurry per year. Unlike some competitive slurries made using straight Bayou water, AS-9637 uses city water resulting in a product with a very low contaminate level and consistent quality. This is very important when the softened water is used in critical manufacturing processes or is fed to an RO or Demineralizer systems for boiler make-up water.

Having control over the water used to make AS-9637 is only one advantage. We have established an entirely new fleet of tankers designed to carry the product. These tankers are each equipped with diesel driven pumps to assure safety and all unloading can be done without the need for the driver to climb onto the tanker. The new tankers demonstrate our commitment to quality throughout our process.

One significant difference with the AS-9637 is the appearance and handling of the product. It has a much lower viscosity and all the material is double screened to remove non-reactive grit. The lack of large particulates means essentially no build-up of grit in your storage system. It also means you are getting more lime for your dollar.  You will also see that our Certificates of Analyses show the quality of the product. We proudly list the acid insoluble. This is the grit you buy which provides no benefits to performance but is the primary source of tank build up and maintenance problems.

The last benefit you will see is how we bill you for the product. You pay only for the calcium hydroxide content of the lot. Our dry tons are dry tons as hydrate. You will not be paying for the inert material and grit when you get slurry from ASI.

For more information or to schedule a trial, call 440-933-9442 or email and place AS-9637 is the subject line.


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