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May 15, 2014

AS-9637 Performance Slurry Record another Success

A recent lime slurry trial at a large Louisiana refinery compared AS-9637 in a side by side test against another commercially available lime slurry. The incumbent slurry had been used on both sides of the plant for a number of years. The plant lime softens Mississippi River water to produce their service water which is used throughout the refinery. The incumbent product like all conventional lime slurries suffers from scaling and fouling which requires frequent cleaning of piping and associated equipment by plant maintenance.

The test ran for 6 weeks. The AS-9637 Performance slurry ran on 1 system that produced 3,900gpm of water while the incumbent ran on a 2nd system that produced 4,000gpm. During the 6 weeks of operation, the AS-9637 was consumed at 1.5 TLs per week (approximately 13.8 DT) while the incumbent continued at their historical 3 TLs per week (27 DT). During the trial the same lime softener operating parameters were kept for both systems (2P-M between 10 and 20).

During the trial period, the AS-9637 slurry actually cleaned the old deposits from the system in which it was being used while the incumbent system continued to foul. At the conclusion of the trial the ASI system was clean while the incumbent system needed to be mechanically cleaned.

As a result of the significant cost savings and reduced maintenance issues, the refinery management has elected to use the Applied Specialties’ AS-9637 Performance Slurry plant wide.

For more detailed information on how AS-9637 might reduce your lime slurry costs contact Applied Specialties, Inc. at
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