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UltraLime is a low viscosity high solids NSF certified lime slurry. It has faster reaction kinetics due to its higher apparent surface area. Nearly all competitive lime slurries are made from calcium hydrate which results in large calcium hydroxide agglomerates. Since the manufacture of these products is nothing more than the addition of the hydrate to water. These agglomerates do not disperse when used. UltraLime’s patented polymer stops agglomeration as the calcium hydroxide is formed since UltraLime is produced from slaking calcium oxide (quicklime). In this process, the individual calcium hydroxide particles are kept separate because the agglomeration energy is neutralized. As a result, the UltraLime behaves far differently. Scaling and fouling are reduced and the product is easily remixed after months of sitting. The product will maintain a low viscosity for well over 5 years.


Ultra Lime Tanker


The low viscosity and high reactivity of the UltraLime makes its handling easy. Unlike other lime slurries, UltraLime may be supplied and used from Tote bins (IBC’s).


There is one more significant difference in UltraLime. It is sold based on the quantity of Calcium Hydroxide in the delivery and not total solids. This is a significant cost benefit to the consumer since ASI does not charge you for the inert solids in the delivery. You may want to ask your current lime supplier why they are charging you for the acid insolubles in the slurry you buy or why are you paying for the calcium carbonate byproduct.


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